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The Dutch Engineering Experience Are you up for the challenge?

Ready to take on the challenge with us?

At Iv, we have a passion for technology and have been developing technical solutions for projects of any size and complexity since 1949. Our engineers are the best in the market and enjoy nothing more than puzzling over nearly impossible challenges. We do so from 9 offices throughout the Netherlands, 1 office in Belgium and 1 office in Kuala Lumpur. 

From the Panama Canal lock gates to submarines and from the Sofia HVDC platform, which will be one world’s largest offshore wind platforms, to Seaqualize’s HC1100 heave compensator; we don’t shy away from a challenge! As a multidisciplinary engineering company our engineers have unique and specialised knowledge within the markets in which we operate. With over 900 employees and seven divisions, each specialising in a specific sector, Iv is one of the top 10 engineering firms in the Netherlands.  
Working at Iv means working in an organisation where every day is different. With specialists sharing the same passion for technology, you devise solutions for the greatest technical challenges and most diverse projects. Because of the great diversity in projects, you never stop learning at Iv. You will find that there is plenty of room for entrepreneurship and personal development. This helps you to set your own goals and immediately take responsibility for your project.  

Employment terms and conditions tailor-made for you!

At Iv, we believe in the importance of being a good match for all our colleagues. We work hard but, of course, give something in return. Our flexible employment terms and conditions enable you to determine the composition of your employment package yourself. A higher monthly salary? Choose for your bonus and holiday pay to be paid monthly! Leave days over? Sell them! Need more leave days? Buy additional days! This is how Iv facilitates a better match with you!
Leave & leave days
We would love to see you every day, but we recognise the importance of recharging now and then while on holiday or during a day off. That's why we give you at least 31 days' leave per year (on a full-time basis). Leave days are allocated in hours so that you can use them flexibly. After all, holidays are different for everyone. You will also receive the opportunity to sell or buy additional leave days every year. We also have various arrangements for maternity leave, parental leave, a moving house day, etc., all put in place to maintain a perfect balance for you.
Travel expenses
All our offices are easily accessible. However, we encourage you to travel to the office by public transport and/or bike if you live nearby. Not only is this a healthy choice, but it is also good for the environment! Whatever the means with which you travel to the office, you will always receive a travel/public transport allowance, and there is ample parking available; also for electric vehicles.
If your total daily commuter distance is more than 30 km, you may use one of our commuter cars with a small personal contribution. If you need to use a business car to conduct your work, you will be eligible for a company or leased car.
Annual bonus
In addition to a fixed salary, we reward your hard work with an annual bonus of 7% of the gross annual salary. This bonus is paid in December or monthly upon request; the choice is yours! We also celebrate successes together, and if we have made a profit, you will receive a profit-sharing payment in June.
The extras
Continual development is of great importance at Iv, and we want to give our employees as many opportunities as possible. Our field of expertise is constantly changing, which means the work remains challenging, and we never stop learning. This is why we offer all our employees the opportunity to develop themselves through education and training. In addition, your development progress is regularly discussed with your direct supervisor or office manager during a development interview.
Annually in May, you will receive 8% holiday pay. You can also choose to have this paid monthly. Furthermore, Iv will arrange your pension plan and contribute to your basic pension. Would you like to know more about this? Ask one of our recruiters during your application.
Flexible working

We don't think in fixed patterns at Iv; after all, every day is different. And so is every employee. This is why we have adjusted our working hours to create more flexibility. For example, you can begin your working day between 07:00 - 09:30 and finish between 15:30 - 19:00. Additionally, you have the option to work from home partially. Iv will ensure you are provided with a safe and satisfactory home workspace. Together with your team, you will determine which workspace works best for you personally, for the team and for Iv as an organisation. Furthermore, it is also possible to work full-time (40 hours) for four days of nine hours and one day of four hours.

Interested? We are always on the lookout for new talent! Working at Iv means working on challenging and varied projects every day. Would you like to know more about working at Iv or do you have a question about a vacancy? We look forward to telling you more.