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Your work has an impact

How can we ensure complex civil engineering works and dike reinforcements remain suitable and affordable? How can we make the Netherlands climate-proof? At Iv-Infra, we love complex technical challenges. Every project is a brain teaser that forces us to think beyond the usual. As a Geotechnical Project Leader/Consultant, you have the opportunity to be an essential part of the design process within the projects. By solving geotechnical issues and preparing the most optimal designs with your colleagues, you will form the basis of a suitable and affordable design while working with an enthusiastic team of highly trained consultants, drafters and work planners. You will create new opportunities and realise innovations and sustainable solutions by deviating from the familiar paths. You will work on projects for various clients in the field of (movable) civil engineering works, hydraulic structures, water safety and dry infrastructure. You are the point of contact for geotechnics within the projects. In short, your knowledge and actions have an impact.

What do we expect of you?

You must have a higher vocational/university level degree (HBO/WO) in Civil Engineering or Geoengineering and five to ten years of experience in the field of Geotechnics. You must have knowledge and experience in executing geotechnical activities within constructive projects, water safety projects and infrastructural works. Extensive experience with the D-Series from Deltares and Plaxis (2D/3D) is a requirement. Knowledge of environmental influences (vibration predictions) is considered an advantage. You enjoy managing project teams (process-based), maintaining contact with the client and expanding your network. In addition, you prioritise quality and are capable of monitoring the planning and associated finances of projects. You will work closely with the geotechnical team leader. You enjoy participating in multidisciplinary teams and working with fellow project team members and geotechnical consultants to achieve the best results. Thanks to your knowledge and experience, you can also support and guide colleagues. Your drive and enthusiasm are fundamental in this role. You know exactly how to reveal the client's actual needs and translate these into an approach for implementing the necessary work activities. Besides your regular work location (Sliedrecht, Nieuwegein or Haarlem), you must also be willing to work from other branches.