We love proper brain teasers. Do you?

As a (Graduate) Intern, you will be at the best address at Iv-Industrie if you love diversity and complex technical challenges that not even the cleverest of specialists can simply just solve. Within Iv-Industrie, you will be working on one of our latest projects. We are helping to design a new factory for a start-up that is developing sustainable technology. In this new factory, large amounts of CO2 are saved through neutralising waste acids from the chemical industry. In addition, asbestos waste is also rendered harmless. In a circular process, raw materials are extracted from waste. One of the challenges is the design of the necessary equipment, which will be exposed to extreme conditions. You will be supervised by Process experts and will work with colleagues from other disciplines. Of course, we will coordinate the assignment in advance so you can achieve your learning goals during this fantastic internship!

Safety, sustainability and improving efficiency are crucial factors in the industry sector and require innovative solutions and a multidisciplinary approach. And this is where Iv-Industrie comes in! Iv-Industrie provides integral advice for the new construction and upgrade of factories, installations, utilities, buildings and structures. We also help clients develop new biobased processes and applications in a pragmatic and multidisciplinary way to achieve a functional process installation. Examples of unique projects in which Iv-Industrie has participated are the new Emmi milk factory and the engineering of process installations for specialty chemicals.

What do we expect of you?

We are looking for an enthusiastic higher vocational/university level (HBO/WO) Chemical Technology or similar final-year student who loves technical challenges. We seek a creative, critical thinker who thinks outside the box. After all, this is how the best solutions are realised! Your enterprising spirit and curiosity about new things are equally important as your technical knowledge and creativity. You keep yourself updated with the latest developments and know exactly how to utilise the freedom you receive from us.

What can you expect from us?

A challenging (graduate) internship in climate and energy technology at the most diverse engineering company in the Netherlands! We will ensure you get the most out of your (graduate) internship assignment. You will work on the most incredible one-of-a-kind projects and receive much personal responsibility. This is how we challenge you to push the limits. Through the guidance provided by our most innovative engineers, who will gladly teach you the tricks of the trade, we will help you develop your talents. Oh yes, also important, we offer an attractive internship allowance ranging from €400 for MBO students, €600 for HBO students and €800 for WO students. Check out here what you will be offered when you start working at Iv!

Iv-Industrie is part of Iv-Groep: a globally operating engineering company that undertakes the most challenging technical issues! Our engineers have unique knowledge within the sectors and disciplines in which we operate, such as Industry, Infrastructure & Traffic, Buildings & Installations, Handling, Offshore & Energy, Maritime and Water. No challenge is too complex for us. Working at Iv-Groep means working in an organisation where every day is different. We are a club of people with a genuine passion for our profession, and we take great pleasure in our work: Our expert knowledge of technology enables us to achieve the utmost for our clients.

  • Competitive salary
  • 31 days annual leave
  • 7% bonus
  • Profit sharing
  • Employees are key
  • Personal development
  • Flexible working hours
  • Expert and close-knit team