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Why join Iv-Groep to do your internship or graduation project? Challenged Responsibility Unique projects

The answer is simple: You will learn from the smartest engineers

As an intern or final-year student, you will be a fully-fledged contributor to the most challenging of projects. All our projects are technically complex in nature and anything but run-of-the-mill or dull, and might even be some of the trickiest one-of-a-kind issues you are likely to come across. For that reason, we employ the smartest engineers – the ones you need to teach you the tricks of the trade.

At Iv-Groep, we believe in the talents people have. Under the guidance of the smartest engineers, we will help you to develop your talents. We will challenge you to push the boundaries and instead of holding you by the hand, you will be given the space you need for your personal development. But if you hit a snag or need feedback from colleagues, you can always knock on their door. That is the good thing about an open and informal company culture. And, last but not least, we offer an attractive internship fee, i.e. € 400 for intermediate vocational education (MBO) students, € 600 for higher vocational education (HBO) students and € 800 for university students.

The best internship or graduation project Do you want to make the most of your internship or graduation project? Are you keen to get started on solving real-life braintwisters? Then you need to check our vacancies page for any openings for interns or final-year students.
No suitable vacancy available? Or a great idea of your own? Do let us know about it, as we may be able to help you develop your own assignment with the help of your ‘buddy’ in our company. That’s how the best assignments come about anyway! Contact us by email or call 088 943 2053.