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Trias Westland II Geothermal Installation

Meeting the growing demand for geothermal energy

Since 2019, Trias Westland operates one geothermal installation in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. This installation provides greenhouses with geothermal energy. To meet the demand of the greenhouse horticulture sector for geothermal energy, Iv-Offshore & Energy was asked to carry out the basic and detailed design for the expansion of this installation. In order to safely design this expansion, Iv-Offshore & Energy carried out a Hazard and Operability (HAZOP-) study. The installation will be equipped with a second borehole pump and a pipe to the degasser, a degasser with a larger capacity (this degasser will replace the existing one), extra filters for water after being transferred by heat exchangers, an extra plate heat exchanger unit and circulation pump, an additional injection pump and injection line and an extra transport pump in the secondary heat distribution system.
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