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How and why we are working with Water Board Limburg with a newly styled framework contract

Together we have greater potential

The working procedure whereby the client defines what is to be built and the contractor is awarded the contract by way of tender has been the normal course of action for years. This is how it’s always been done. But can't this be better? More efficient? This method of working is associated with many tender costs, limited chance of an assignment, limited scope for innovation and moreover, design costs are doubled, and we learn little from our successes and shortcomings. Water Board Limburg believes this process can be better and more efficient and has, therefore, put the framework contract for technical realisation projects in the field of piping and civil engineering on the market with a whole new way of working.

Join forces with contractors

‘Companies that work together can utilise a greater potential than the sum of its parts.’ With this in mind, a new approach has emerged with which the water board company has put the framework contract on the market. Currently, the interaction is limited between the involved parties regarding the products needed by the client to be able to operate the business optimally at the lowest net costs. But by joining forces with contractors and preferably in the form of a construction team, you can engage each other from pillar to post and build a better and much stronger collaboration. The new framework contract has also been designed in this way. The first project was recently started and concerns the renovation of the transport system in the Western Mining Region (Westelijke Mijnstreek). A special feature of this project is that all concerned parties within the framework contract are combined to form a single construction team. This enables innovation, efficiency, collaboration and the possibility to learn from each other to develop.

Iv-Water together with contractor G. Van der Ven B.V. Aannemingsbedrijf, is one of the parties that will advise Water Board Limburg in the coming six years on projects in the field of sewage pumping stations and pressure pipes. For the Western Mining Region (Westelijke Mijnstreek) project, Iv-Water will be responsible for the design activities in the field of hydraulics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering & instrumentation and civil engineering. Iv-Water will also inspect the current objects to further specify the scope of the renovation work.
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