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Iv-Young: knowledge, networking and fun!
Iv-Young Responsibility Working at Iv

A club for friendly, ambitious young engineers

Many talented young people are keen to expand their knowledge and they also enjoy meeting up and joining in with various fun and interesting activities. It is both informative and fascinating to discover what other Iv-Groep divisions are doing in their projects, and to learn about other disciplines and fields of expertise. You can do all of this with Iv-Young, the club for friendly young engineers who enjoy sharing knowledge, taking on new challenges and – above all – having fun. You can discuss strategic issues and share your passion for our profession. Iv-Young was set up by its founding members some time ago. The nice thing about working for Iv-Groep is that younger staff can make their voice heard and put good ideas into action, you just have to be assertive and enterprising. I know that my ideas are taken seriously. We don’t have the stiff, formal hierarchy that is typical of many large companies. But let's get back to Iv-Young.

What do we do at Iv-Young?

Let me give a few examples of our activities. At one event, Pieter van Lierop (Head of the Steel and Movable Structures sector) gave a presentation about the design of the largest sea locks in the world, situated in IJmuiden. Engineers from Iv-Groep designed the massive gates – fascinating stuff! We then took to the water to see the construction of the locks in progress. Only when you see it at first hand do you realise just how colossal the structure is. Back on shore, the entire group enjoyed a convivial dinner together. The perfect end to a perfect day: it’s always nice to meet up with colleagues, especially those you don’t see very often.

Another example. Late last year, Aad Vredenbregt of ValOli spoke to us about how our work will be affected by new digital technologies. Innovation will bring some exciting new challenges for our company and the entire sector. Again, an extremely interesting presentation. I think it's marvellous that younger staff can contribute to the discussion about how digital technologies will affect our future, and that management listens to our views. We can draw knowledge from all parts of the organisation to form a complete picture of where the company stands and what we have to do to remain ‘future-proof’.

We also take part in various design competitions. For example, the sector organisation NL Engineers organises the annual ‘Do and Dare’ competition, in which teams consisting of junior employees from various engineering consultancies compete against each other. We at Iv-Groep enjoy a challenge, so needless to say we have already put our names down for the 2018 contest. This competition challenges us to apply our knowledge and creativity in a different way to our usual day-to-day work.

I could go on. Suffice it to say that I, and everyone else I know, really enjoy being part of Iv-Young. It gives us great satisfaction to organise activities and share our passion for this fascinating profession.

By Rick van der Meijs, Hydraulic Engineering Designer

We are always on the lookout for new talent. How can you strengthen our team? Working at Iv means working on challenging and varied projects every day. At the office or on location. Check now to see if you can find an exciting challenge within your specialism!