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How I discovered my passion at Iv-Consult Passion Technology Engineering

I wanted to expand my understanding of the future work possibilities

This was my last summer before graduation so I decided to follow an internship. This way I wanted to expand my understanding of the future work possibilities and clarify for myself which direction I want to work in later on. The degree I follow is Civil Engineering which has a broad scope. Now, looking back at my time at Iv-Consult, I can say without a doubt that this was the right decision!

By Daria Safonova, who recently finished her summer internship at Iv-Consult!

Working on cool projects

Since day one I have worked together with the lead structural engineer on the Halfweg decommissioning project. This project was a special case: during the New Year’s Eve (2018) an oil tanker collided with the platform. Luckily, the platform was nog in operation anymore and was strong enough to withstand the collision. However, significant damage to the structure did occur. The aim of Iv-Consult was to execute engineering checks and make a design of the reinforcement where it was needed. This was done to show the client that the platform can be removed safely. After this work was done, we continued to work on the same project for a different client for whom we provided engineering support.

I felt like an equal member of the team

My tasks during the internship were very divers: from performing structural checks in the program SACS, to designing the grillage and lift arrangement. Since we worked in a small group, I felt like an equal member of the team. Besides getting good guidance from the supervisor, I also had the possibility to suggest new ideas and to give my own opinion. I also liked that I was allowed to be present at the project-related meetings with clients. For me it was a great experience that allowed me to take a look at the project not only from the engineering desk point of view, but also think about safety, time management, the financial side, etcetera.
I spent three great months at Iv-Consult and I figured out my goals for the future. Now I feel confident to complete my University Studies and start my career!