Petrogas Halfweg Platfom Iv-Consult

From collision to decommissioning 

In 2017 plans were being made to remove the Petrogas Halfweg Platfom, located in the Q field, 20 km west of Den Helder. Unfortunately all plans fell apart at New Year's Eve 2017, when a chemical tanker collided with the Halfweg Platform, causing significant damage. From that moment a lot of new challenges popped up. Was the structural integrity of the platform still guaranteed? Could people safely enter the platform? And last but not least: how could the platform be safely removed? 

This article will give you a nice overview of the consequences of the ship collision and the engineering steps needed to safely remove the platform. From the platform removal preparations to the decommissioning of the platform itself. Read everything about the FEED study, the decommissioning study, analysis for the Gravity Base Structure, the onboard inspection, applied beam and plate models, and so on.  

PDF article about Petrogas Halfweg Platform Download the article to read all about the Petrogas Halfweg Platform.
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