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Significant and sustainable renovation of Sluisjesdijk sludge processing company
Iv-Water Challenged Renovation Sustainability

Asset management in practice

It’s not just any project, the replacement and modification of the control cabinets, sludge dewatering (centrifuges), pre-thickeners and chemical storage at the Sluisjesdijk sludge processing company. Nineteen control cabinets (with 53 panels in total) must be replaced. The scale of this is huge and it must all be achieved in 2.5 years, while the processes at the sludge processing plant must continue undisturbed. Paul Kloet (EIA Department Head) and Ruud Hekman (Senior Project Leader) tell us about the greatest challenges within this project, which is part of a large-scale renovation project for which approximately a total of 25 million euros has been allocated.

One of the main goals of this large-scale renovation is to future-proof the Sluisjesdijk sludge processing company. To be able to make strategic choices for the coming ten years, an analysis was carried out according to the method of Life Cycle Asset Management. This led to a number of fixed measures that will guarantee sustainable and target driven business operations for the coming ten years. Several projects have been combined into one project of which Iv-Water identifies the various solutions, evaluates choices, designs, prepares the contract and ultimately supervises the implementation.

Paul: “In the coming years, various renovation projects will be carried out that will contribute to this. The project that Iv-Water is currently working on is one of these. It’s a technically challenging project that involves many disciplines such as electrical engineering, process automation, mechanical engineering and civil engineering, as well as specialities such as ATEX, RAMS and functional safety. Because we have been working intensively for the water board for years, we are for quite some time already familiar with the initiation of this project. We participated in the market consultation and it soon became clear to us that this was a challenging project that we really wanted to be a part of. Not only because of the scale, but also because of the limited space where the conversion needs to take place and the assurance of continuing business operations during conversion. This is what makes it even more valuable to me to be able to contribute to this project.”

Greatest challenges in the project

“The greatest challenge in this project was making an inventory of the existing installations. We used a multi-criteria analysis to determine which existing functionalities needed to be adjusted and to what extent necessary," says Ruud. Other challenges were the lead time and the scale of the conversion of the control cabinets, but also in the fact that business operations must continue during the conversion. The control cabinets are central to the plant. They manage all the equipment which means replacing these, therefore, has an impact on the entire business operations. Ruud: “The new control cabinets are housed in a new control room so, for example, the installation of the new cabinets and the laying and connecting of new cable paths can take place independently of other activities. The routing of cable paths is set up in such a way that the continuation of processes will experience minimal inconvenience and the contractor will also be unhindered by operational continuation. By making thorough preparations, the cabling need only be connected on the site-side, to begin with testing. This way, the conversion work can be planned to take place consecutively.”

The existing control cabinets are mainly controlled via relay technology and are equipped with modern automation equipment. Iv-Water is to provide the functional designs for automation.

Safeguarding of various interests

The project has many stakeholders and all with various interests. All these stakeholders must ultimately support the chosen solution, which means gaining support is very important. Stakeholders are, therefore, closely involved in the project and in the technical choices, whereby the voice of the directors and process managers are of great importance. Among others, introductory meetings and interactive sessions have been organised to jointly draw up the Customer Requirements Specification (CRS) and to identify risks.

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