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The large-scale sustainable renovation of ‘De Passie’ school building


Radical changes

“You can plan it all out, but you will gain much better insight into what is possible when on location. For example, whether that canal will fit in that area or will it perhaps obstruct passage. Moreover, I now indicate on location exactly where the new energy supply needs to be placed and where it needs to be disconnected. It’s very precise where certain installations or pipes are placed, so I always examine this on location.” Han Engel, Project Manager at Iv-Bouw, talks about the project ‘De Passie’. An existing school building for secondary education that is to be renovated and expanded from 4,300 m2 to 6,300 m2. The building will be renovated and expanded in phases while remaining open. The radical changes will improve the sustainability of the building to a level exceeding the current statutory criteria for newbuilds by 30%. Significant improvements to the building shell, the removal of the gas connection and an All-Electric building with an air source heat pump will ensure this sustainable result.

DBMO contract

The project ‘De Passie’ has been accepted in the form of a DBMO contract, whereby Iv-Bouw, the contractor, is responsible for the design (from sketch to implementation design), building (construction), maintenance and operations. A DBMO contract is not something you immediately expect to encounter with an engineering and consultancy firm that specialises in installation technology. Han explains: “Previously, we only provided the design in projects; the design of the installations. It was then put out to tender and a contractor began work without us having any influence anymore on our design or what would happen with it. The tendering process takes a lot of time and contractors also often outsource activities to subcontractors. A few years ago, we thought ‘we can do that’, then we have a direct influence on what is being built as well as customer satisfaction. In the meantime, we have begun to do more and more ourselves in projects, and now, we not only design the installations, but we also take care of the procurement and we work with fixed self-employed professionals who execute the work for us.”

Building and learning at the same time

The renovation and expansion of the school building will take around 2 years altogether. In the meantime, education at the school will continue. In the first phase of the project, the school was prepared for the major renovations. Hereby the existing technical space was dismantled which is where, among other things, the boilers, control technology and air treatment were situated. For this, temporary provisions first had to be made including the diversion of the central infrastructure. Subsequently, the demolition of part of the school commenced and temporary classrooms were placed. Iv-Bouw was also responsible for preparing the site terrain for construction and the installation and connection of the temporary classrooms. The building will be renovated in 3 phases. For each phase, a third of the students will be moved into the temporary classrooms and the existing installations must also be adapted to each new temporary situation. The project is now ready for implementation and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2020. The implementation design drawings still need to be converted into working drawings during the implementation phase.

Flexible total-package consultant

The added value of Iv in such a project is in the complete technical concept. Where the contractor, as a specialist, knows how to do the work and how safely they can do it, Iv is still able to examine the design during construction and adjust it if necessary. This is what makes us a flexible ‘total-package’ consultant.
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