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The 4 things that struck me the most when I came to work at Iv Passion Technology Working at Iv

By Mark Havelaar, Contract and Risk Management Advisor, Iv-Infra

As of November 2017, I began working as Contract and Risk Management Advisor in the risk analysis and contract management department of Iv Infra. The first thing I quickly noticed at Iv was the many different, leading projects that you encounter (both in the Netherlands and around the world), all of which are worked on with great passion. In this blog, I would like to share more with you about what I noticed the most in my first months with Iv.

1. You work on leading projects

At Iv, multidisciplinary project teams are working on many different leading projects. A characteristic of these projects is that they are all very tangible. In daily life, there is a good chance you will encounter a project that you yourself (or one of your colleagues) have worked on. For example, during the last storm there was a lot of publicity about closing the flood barriers in the Netherlands. Many of my colleagues have worked on these flood barriers (such as the Ramspol flood barrier). Involvement with current events is therefore very likely.

2. The projects are diverse and multidisciplinary

In my first months, I have been involved in the drafting of a contract for the renovation of several polder pumping stations, the drafting of a program of requirements for fixed bridges and the provision of systems engineering and risk management for the design of a maintenance hall. The projects you work on are therefore very diverse and are often carried out in multidisciplinary project teams. This leads to a different day every day and challenge continuity.

3. You get a lot of personal responsibility

Right from your first working day, Iv actively involves you in the company and there is a lot of room for presenting your own refreshing ideas. This is how I became involved with Iv-Young in the first week. Iv-Young is a group of young Iv employees who get together on a regular basis. Within Iv-Young, opportunity is created for the input of ideas and much attention is given to change and innovation. Even within the projects, you are quickly given greater responsibility. As a starter you are, of course, accompanied by an experienced colleague. By gaining knowledge and experience from a more experienced colleague, you are better equipped to do more yourself.

4. There is an informal working atmosphere

Within Iv, easy and informal contact with your direct and indirect colleagues from all different departments is the norm. Because of this informal norm, you will learn a lot about the in-house knowledge Iv has to offer and which projects are currently being worked on. From day 1 you will be fully included in the team in which you work. This ensures you will learn a lot from your immediate colleagues and that you keep abreast of the projects whereby you may also be involved. In addition to initiatives such as Iv-Young, all kinds of (work-related) activities are organised which makes working at Iv even better!
We are always on the lookout for new talent. How can you strengthen our team? Working at Iv means working on challenging and varied projects every day. At the office or on location. Check now to see if you can find an exciting challenge within your specialism!